WARNING: This book will forever change how you see the world. We live in the last days as foreseen by Daniel and the Apostle John. But while the Church has slumbered, our enemy, Satan, has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to see his goals accomplished: destroy all that God loves and sit on Jerusalem s throne. Unwavering in his objective, he has manipulated governments, media, finance, military, religion, and science for his agenda. In Nephilim Resurgence, Randy DeMain puts a modern face on this ancient evil. He puts current events and history into the context of biblical prophecy and exposes the mechanisms of darkness that have been the driving force behind much of what we have taken for granted. In these pages, the mystery of Mystery, Babylon the Great is laid bare. Nephilim Resurgence is a notable wake-up call to the Church. Its purpose is to bring the Church face to face with the reality of evil s depth and unrelenting pursuit to overthrow God s Kingdom. Its intent is to shock the Church out of her complacency and into combat, out of her double-mindedness into devotion. It is a rallying cry to purity, passion, purpose, and power. It is an invitation to repent and rise-up... to shake the dust from our garments, remove our chains, and become the glorious Church that Christ has called us to be. The enemy is ready to pull out all the stops, but the majority of believers are unsuspecting and totally unprepared for what is about to be unleashed. Nephilim Resurgence is a rallying cry to the Church, equipping her to rise up and enter into her glorious state with full awareness of what stands against her. Ours is the generation who will thwart the plans of the enemy and usher in the return of the King of kings! Are you ready?

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